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The DermWife: Are those anti-aging skin products really worth it?

Some of you know that my husband has been practicing dermatology for 14 years.  I get asked a lot of questions about whether or not all of these anti-aging products on the market actually work.  Here’s the truth…

The best thing you can do for your skin is use sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Yes, even in the winter.  And not the cheap no ad crap either.  I’m a huge fan of Elta MD UV Clear 46 spf.   It goes on smoothly, doesn’t pill with makeup, and doesn’t make my combination skin break out.  Slimy skin is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Second, get yourself a prescription retinoid.  If you have acne as well, you can probably get your insurance to pay for it.  Even if they don’t, it’s worth it.  I use generic adapalene gel on my face and tazorac on my neck and chest.

Finally, you can add some products that have actual evidence based research behind them that weren’t funded by the companies selling them.  Here are a few ingredients to look for, but be sure to check the concentration and location in the ingredients list.  It may just have a splash, or it may have enough to make a difference:

  1. Hyaluronic acid – I buy my own on Amazon to make my own serum.  You can try this powder and just mix it with water (sometimes I add vitamin c powder and glycerin as well).
  2. Glycolic acid- I do a 30% peel every week with the very affordable kit from MUAC. You can check it out here.
  3. Vitamin C – I like Murad’s Essential-C product line.

Moisturizing is key, but many drugstore brands like Olay Regenerist are just as effective as their more expensive cousins with names you can’t pronounce.megnmaddy - Edited
I am 40 years old and regularly mistaken for a college student.  No botox, no fillers, no surgery.  Take care of your skin and it will take care of you.  And don’t forget that even if you are as wrinkled as a paper bag at the bottom of a ton of bricks…attitude can make up for it.  So be you, and as always, be true.


*I received none of these products at a discount or free.  I can’t be bought! Also, I am not a doctor. Please consult with yours about whether prescription skincare products are right for you.


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